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Towing in Hickory NC


The community of Hickory, North Carolina remains a lovely place to live, with historic buildings, surrounding scenic views, and plenty of outdoor recreational fun. One thing that does seem to stay missing, however, is a reliable towing company Hickory, NC drivers can trust.

Whether a service provider wants to charge you a fortune for standard vehicle towing, or you know that it’s a minor enough of an issue to correct, it only makes your situation that much more frustrating. Instead, you deserve towing Hickory NC residents turn to day or night, and for better options for their vehicle needs.

At NC Tow Pros of Hickory, we strive to remain your local Hickory NC towing experts, and we achieve this by doing more for less every day. You can count on our team to provide you with the ideal solution for any need, from disabled engines and overheated radiators, to flat tires, dead batteries, and more.

Calling any other towing service Hickory NC providers will only lead to higher costs and longer waiting times. Our local drivers know the area better than most, and we always offer the lowest pricing possible on all of our best service choices daily.

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Schedule A Service Now!

Towing Services in Hickory


When you call a tow truck Hickory NC company, you probably don’t expect an invoice for more than a few dozen bucks. After you see how many figures that they want for loading your car onto a flatbed, however, you quickly realize you’ve gotten ripped off now.

We agree that taking advantage of area drivers is not a business practice that we want to support. Instead, our team remains wholly trained on how to provide and use all of our professional tools and equipment that gets your vehicle back up and running quickly.

Whether you have discovered that you left your keys inside of the cab, or your battery doesn’t want to turn over, there are plenty of things that can prevent you from going home. And more often than not, a typical “tow truck near me” is nowhere to be found for hours at a time.

Why continue relying on the same poor quality of service and higher pricing that the other companies continue to charge you when we save you more on any needs you have? When you need to know that your car remains in the best hands around, you need to call us.

Our Towing Services

What many drivers might not realize is that not all towing service companies provide the same level of excellence. More often than not, they operate from outside the city, taking them hours to arrive here in town.

Once they do show up finally, they quickly hoist your car onto the truck and hand you the invoice. They won’t budge an inch until you hand over a credit card, and they speed off before explaining what to do next.

Or, you can count on us for complete roadside assistance solutions and more convenient vehicle towing provided 24-hours daily.

24 Hour Towing

You can break down without warning at any time. We remain available for you 24-hours.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Whether a tire is shredded, flat, or needs repair, we can get you moving again.

Winch-Out Services

Sometimes, the only solution for a stuck vehicle is to winch it out again mechanically.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Why pay to tow a car that still runs when we can get it going?

Dead Battery Jumps

It seems as if you can never tell when your battery will quit on you.

Vehicle Lock Outs

Vehicle locksmith companies charge a fortune, but we open car doors for less every day.
The Best Towing Company in Hickory
The city of Hickory stretches surprisingly far, and we have a weaving network of highways to use every day. Unfortunately, that means that it’s just a number’s game to determine when your vehicle will experience trouble.

When you see yourself on the edge of highway 40, you have other drivers zooming by you. It just isn’t safe to get out and inspect what has you stuck, and you need a professional to assist you immediately.

The problem quickly worsens when you have an appointment to get to as soon as possible, be it an important staff meeting, doctor visit, or a school function. You can’t sit idly for hours on end hoping the tow driver will spot you.

Our staff continues providing the best in fast, convenient, and affordable towing solutions offered 24-hours of every day. No matter what has you stranded or where you have broken down, our local drivers know how to get to you fast.

Why continue spending more on companies who don’t even know what location you stopped at, and aren’t familiar with the local streets and highways? Instead, our staff knows the area better than anyone, and can best assist you now.

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NC Tow Pros of Hickory


As is the case in any field, you can’t afford to hire an inexperienced contractor. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a computer in front of you or time to research, you can’t know for sure who you have chosen until they show up.

We make it straightforward to find the professional assistance you need for any onsite repair, or for superior quality of towing solutions. Our staff continues to remain the trusted choice for more area drivers every day.

When you need a local towing professional and lower rates, you can still count on us for help.

Contact NC Tow Pros of Hickory

Stranded vehicles leave you frustrated and on edge, and every moment that passes feels like an entire hour. You deserve someone who can get to you fast and get you on your way once more.

Other towing companies work for others, hauling them to impound lots or mechanic garages for a kickback. Others, still, take their time and charge higher pricing.

Our team helps you save on every service call, and we always do more for less every day. When you need to know that you’ve chosen the best in towing solutions, you need NC Tow Pros of Hickory.

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