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It can feel like, if there is any industry which can continue ripping people off, it’s the automotive one. From car lots and questionable sales teams to auto repair shops, it always feels like the customer is never right.

When you have a disabled car alongside the highway, however, you don’t have time to play games. You need to know that you’re selecting a reliable service provider that more Hickory, North Carolina drivers can trust.

Whether you need affordable pricing, more service choices, or merely a reliable team of towing drivers, you won’t find a better solution than NC Tow Pros of Hickory. We continue saving residents more on a variety of driver services, provided 24-hours of every day, keeping you safer each time.

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24 Hour Towing

Your car doesn’t care how late at night it is, or how early in the morning. Mechanical issues can occur suddenly, and often without any prior warning.

Unfortunately, many towing companies stop operating after five pm, leaving you stuck and feeling hopeless. Choosing us, however, means that someone will always remain available to take your call, as well as send out an expert towing professional.

We stay available for you 24-hours daily.

Dead Battery Jumps

When you were a kid, your dad showed you how to jump an old pickup truck. Today, however, the hood of your vehicle can look like a spaceship. Modern vehicles have much more sensitive electronics, and one wrong jump can completely fry it all. You can’t risk anyone with an old set of cables when your vehicle could get ruined. We offer a safer alternative and an affordable one at that.

Vehicle Lockouts

You found that when you left your car, you locked the keys inside. Thankfully, you still had your phone on you, and you called a locksmith right away. However, it took them hours to arrive, and they spent about 30 seconds opening your door. The technician scribbles an invoice and hands it to you, and your stomach drops. We can open any vehicle lock quickly, and we’ll save you more than locksmith services.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

You try and leave your favorite nightclub, but you realize that you accidentally left your headlights on when you parked. All you need is a jumpstart, so you call a local service provider. When they show up, however, they immediately start loading your vehicle onto the hauler. And when you explain it’s just a dead battery, they only get more annoyed soon. Why continue spending more on services you don’t need?

Winch-Out Services

Much of the soil in the area is surprisingly soft, and vans, trucks, and some cars remain top heavy. It just takes one sharp turn to find yourself careening into a ditch. In most situations, the only thing that you could do is winch it out with machinery. And while there are many towing companies nearby, few provide winch-out solutions. Make sure that you’re hiring the right towing service team for the job.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Your wheels remain the only thing that keeps that heavy hunk of metal cruising down the road. Unfortunately, tires are often the easiest part to damage, and everyone experiences a blow out eventually.

No matter when you experience tire trouble or where you’ve broken down, our drivers remain the best choice each time. No one exchanges or repairs tires quicker than our experienced technicians.

Choose NC Tow Pros of Hickory and save.

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